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AUV Jubilee: CONCORDE coordinates Gulf-wide data collection event and teacher education program

The AUV Jubilee was a premier event to coordinate autonomous underwater vehicles, known as AUVs or gliders, and other in situ operations in the Gulf of Mexico during July 2015. Read more>>

CONCORDE Scientists Discuss the Importance of Outreach

One of the bigger challenges modern scientists face is sharing details of ongoing research with the public. Many Americans see science as a set of facts learned in school, basic laws like gravity or motion that do not change over time. Read more>>

Participating Teachers Describe Week- long  “Science Party”

This July, ten secondary level teachers from around the southeast left summer vacation behind to join the AUV Jubilee, an intensive, real-time research effort led by CONCORDE consortium scientists.  The participants discussed what inspired them to spend a week in coastal Mississippi honing old skills and learning new ones. Read more>>

CONCORDE Schedules Fall Research Campaign for late October, early November

Some basic questions plagued the scientific community after the 2010 oil spill. Chief scientists Alan Shiller said CONCORDE researchers want to know, “Can we do a better job of both predicting where oil will go and how it will interact with biology?” Read more>>

Graduate Student Stephan O’Brien Focusing on Sediment Transport with “Quiet Competence”

University of Southern Mississippi (USM) Ph.D. student Stephan O’Brien wants to learn more about the exchange of sediments that takes place through the passes between the Mississippi Sound and the Mississippi Bight, an area where multiple rivers enter into the Gulf.  Read more>>

World Ocean’s Day

On June 8, World Oceans Day, CONCORDE scientists supported their ECOGIG colleagues at an educational outreach event designed to teach 200 area Boys & Girls Club members more about marine science and oil spill studies.  Read more>>

Oil Spill Series Seminars Update Public on Latest Research 

CONCORDE scientists partnered with University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory and Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium to host a series of public talks called “Deepwater Horizon:  A scientist’s perspective.”  Read more >>