A First Encounter with Local Fisher Folks

My First (Solo-ish) Interaction with Local Fisher Folks – Friday, March 24, 2017

CONCORDE is involved in more than just research, the program also has an outreach side that involves teachers and local fishermen.  Our role with local fishing communities is to build trust between them and the scientists.

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CONCORDE Hosts Third Fishermen-Scientist Bridge Building Workshop

On the 25th of February, CONCORDE hosted another training session for local fishermen. Held at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, this workshop was the first of the year and the third of four CONCORDE will host. The meeting served to introduce the fisher folk to new scientists, learn more about topics of concern to fishermen, in this case sediment and marine oil snow, and voice some of their concerns.

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Education & Outreach Updates from Dr. Jessie

Dr. Jessie Kastler, CONCORDE’S Director of Education and Outreach, writes regular updates on CONCORDE’S mission to engage the local fisher community and educators around the country in our research.

April 10,2016

Heather’s blog shows the CTD cast data for an area of hypoxic water they encountered Saturday, April 9.  Water is characterized as hypoxic when it contains less than 2 mg dissolved oxygen per liter of water. At this level of oxygen saturation, organisms begin to show stress, move out of an area, or die.  But how does it happen? Continue reading “Education & Outreach Updates from Dr. Jessie”